Draw Funny Animal - an obscure band from Bangor County Down Northern Ireland.

Their  early influences came from the darker  side of indie - The Fall, The Birthday Party, Bauhaus and Alternative TV.

Over the passage of time they slowly developed their own strange and dark abstract wall of sound. The band began experimenting heavily in beats and drum machines and samples adding further chaos with their noisy indie guitar vibe.

Way ahead of their time, Draw Funny Animal were the trailblazers were others followed, one of the finest alternative rock'n'roll bands from Northern Ireland. 


Draw Funny Animal Personnel 82 -92

Mark Dale - Bass Guitar/ Samples

Stephen (Mouse) McBride - Vocals/ Keyboards

David McGarry - Guitar

Michael Rugman - Drums/ Biscuit Tins

Bill (Pilgrim) Aiken - Guitar

Stephen Dale - Guitar/  Drum Programming

Colin (Bobz) Bell - Guitar/ Keyboards / Samples/ Raygun