The label would like to thank the following bands for contributing to the Time To Be Proud story. In no particular order :

The Dangerfields, Leslie Rich , The Jane Bradfords, The Minnows, Robert Holmes, Shibuya Crossing, Three Tales, Ash, The Cutaways, The Panama Kings, Payola, Eighty Four, Stiff Little Busker, Shock Treatment 21, No Matter, Terri Hooley, The Groundlings, Going Full Retard, Los Bloody Rackets, The Flash Guns, Los Reyez, Axletramp, Cara Cowan, Velma, Kitty And The Canopeners, The Indie, Metal Power Rock Speed Choir, A Plastic Rose, Ricky Warwick, Buck, Henry Cluney, Buck Eejit, Hardcase, KamiKids, Protex, St Vitus Dance, Mohican Jack, The Shangrilads, The Defects, The Holsteins, Carpenter Joe, $hame Academy, The Desert Hearts, Katie And The Carnival, Benedict LA, John Shelly And The Creatures, Fubar, Steven VX, Foy Vance, Acme Ltd, John D'Arcy, The Dogs, Jude, Emily Ryder.........THANK YOU