The track "Blame" from the new Dirt Byrds EP "Who Made You The F****** Judge"

Unfortunately with the current Convig 19 virus situation things have slowed  down to a standstill  but please be patient as the following new releases will be released once this crisis is over..   Music is secondary to this so everyone stay safe .Listen to some music, read a book, watch a film or make some music but more important STAY SAFE....

"Who Made You The F****** Judge" the new Dirt Byrds EP is available on Spotify but the physical release will be with us soon. 

Other releases include "Four Steps To Heaven" an EP by The Lunatic Fringe followed later on this year by a full Lunatic Fringe compilation as yet untitled.

Stop Stop Start Again live at the legendary Hope & Anchor in London the bands final release. 

Brian  Young will be releasing an acoustic compilation of songs from his long career featuring tracks from Rudi, The Sabrejets, The Roughnecks and covers of songs which made him pick up the guitar in the first place .

Finally a tribute to one of Belfast's greatest punk bands Rudi is being compiled for release later in the year.

So a lot to look forward to and more releases being planned




Forthcoming Releases