2022 onwards and upwards

There has been a delay with this release which is being resolved but we should have it soon and its well worth the wait. One of Bangor County Down's best.

The prolific Crackhead Control will have a new EP "Everywhere In Belfast" out soon.

There are very few things that would persuade 3D Shark to interrupt retirement and pop our head above water once more.....inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for Neon Teeth? That would do it......A Lifetime Achievement Award for our contribution to Shark Fin Pop? That would also do it.

.....The Northern Ireland Women's Football Team qualifying for a major tournament for the first time in their history? Yep, that would definitely do it.

But wait!

They have done.....and so we have done!

A glorious two track CD single is now available on Time To Be Proud Records featuring 3D Shark alongside the fabulous Niamh Rooney from The Holsteins on vocals.

Its gonna be a collector's item so an early purchase is advised.


New Dirt Byrds retrospective SMOKE BREAK out NOW