The Graceland Conspiracy play rock'n'roll with elements of pop, noise, noir, gothic and beyond. This debut release on Time To Be Proud Records follows the excellent indie glam of "Glitter Splitter".

The Graceland Conspiracy continue to explore the light and dark of modern pop and rock.

Starting life as a studio based duo they are now a fully fledged 4 piece consisting of Colin Crooks - Vocals, Guitar and K,eyboards , Shane Tedford - Bass and Backing Vocals, Eddy Baker - Guitar and Backing Vocals, Bob Moody - Drums and Percussion.

Somewhere on the musical landscape there exists a place where noise contains beauty, melody has strength, dark tones dance as light .The Graceland Conspiracy continues to search for this place. It may never be found but the resultant efforts  are recorded and the quest  resumes.