2021 sees the re-emergence after a long hiatus of Paul Huddleston (HudD), founder member and main songwriter of Belfast's punk glamsters The Lunatic Fringe. 

Over the last couple of years his time has been spent writing novels and developing his ficticious Spindelfleck character. 

His return to the local music scene sees the release of the "You Make Me Feel Like Iggy Pop" EP on Time To Be Proud Records. 

"You Make me Feel Like Iggy Pop" is probably the closest in style to his old band. 

Billy Forever is a loving wonderful tribute to Billy Mackenzie lead singer of the Associates  whose music still remains underappreciated to this day. 

Gypsy Judy is a song that deals with rejection and alienation. 

Shame On You  is a satirical diatribe on the iraq war but its just as relevant today.

Presently writing new songs to record for a new release at the end of the year.

Welcome back HudD.......


"Outrageously Your" the 2nd EP from HudD has just been released.